I would like to know what plans there are if nuclear war breaks out involving this country. What will citizens do, and what are they expected to do? Is there an evacuation plan? Do we run north to Canada? Who makes the plans for civilians in cities that might be targeted?

What and where are the targets in Maine? Is Portland a target? Bangor? Bath and Bath Iron Works? Do individual cities and towns have plans to safeguard their citizens? Are there still shelters?

How do nations with nuclear weapon capabilities pick their targets? Is there worldwide consensus on where the targets will be? Is evacuation an option? How much time do we have to make individual plans for our families? Are there any “Dr. Strangelove” plans that allow for human and animal life to continue on this planet after a nuclear holocaust? Or, at the end, is “duck and cover” all we’ve got? What is our government doing to safeguard its citizens on the day after?

I ask these questions because we seem to have a situation with a president who is known to fly off the handle very easily. He has surrounded himself with a very hawkish administration filled with generals and is on record asking about and advocating for limited use of nuclear weapons.

And we now have a trigger-happy child in North Korea with new nuclear weapons who seems bent on antagonizing and threatening his neighbors and us. This scenario could easily engulf the world with nuclear fire. China seems unwilling to rein him in, and who really knows what Russia is about?

So, what’s the nuclear war plan for the safety of America’s citizens? What do the smart people with knowledgeable access to these answers have to say? What do the smart people who don’t have access to these answers have to say about the day after a nuclear war?

Scott Murray