Bree LaCasse deserves our support for the City Council at-large seat – one that I believe is due for change.

I am a city taxpayer and a public school parent. I got to know Bree as we fought to support the Congress Square Park initiative in 2013-2014. Through her vision, initiative and organization, we won recognition for Portland’s neglected public park spaces.

Currently, Bree is leading the effort to pass a bond to renovate all four of the city’s most rundown public elementary schools – a welcome, if not long-delayed, infrastructure upgrade.

And Portland is grappling with immense development and housing pressure. The city’s awesome fabric of community, public resources and architecture is at issue. Bree has experience in affordable housing development and demonstrated ability to work with people on all sides of an issue to find a solution. I think she’ll work very hard for the city, with the values and wits of a lifelong Portlander.

Will Kessler