Sometimes Portland voters get lucky. Sometimes a candidate comes along who provides voters an actual choice on the ballot: a professional adult with real-life responsibilities who would make sensible decisions on the City Council.

I’ve known Bree LaCasse, her husband, Chris, and their Reiche second-grader, Ollie, for years. Bree graduated from Portland Public Schools, holds a master’s degree in international development and is a Portland property taxpayer.

Bree puts affordable-housing development deals together for a living – at a time when the City Council is regularly assessing policies and proposals relating to our city’s unprecedented modern building boom. LaCasse sounds like a prudent choice to me.

It’s not every election cycle we get a viable choice on the ballot. This November, we do. I’m eager to cast my vote for Bree LaCasse for an at-large seat on the Portland City Council. I hope you’ll join me.

Robert J. O’Brien