Any town or city that is home to a prime industry, like Portland is to Maine’s fishing industry, requires governance by persons who know and appreciate their responsibility to not merely sustain the business of fishing, but to make decisions that enhance and nurture it.

Any person presently serving on the Portland City Council or its Planning Board who are ignorant of or do not accept this responsibility to the people of Portland – and necessarily to the fishing industry and its requisits – do not qualify for the positions they hold.

Should they not do an about-face regarding any alterations on Portland’s working waterfront that are detrimental to the fishing business, which serves all the people, let them be given their walking papers by the voters of Portland. No new development, squeezing the fishing industry’s rightful habitat, for glamor, will ever be worth it. Ever!

This oft-repeated threat to our fishing industry in Portland by uncaring, and often self-centered, developers has got to stop. Just stop it!

Loretta MacKinnon