Zak Ringelstein, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, would be a new and welcome voice for Maine in Washington.

Most campaigns are run the same way, with money being the main driving factor. Usually wealthy people and corporations donate to a candidate to promote their own self interests. Ringelstein is distancing his campaign from activities that prevent our democracy from thriving, focusing on the issues that are prominent within Maine and not accepting money from corporations and PACs.

He is also approaching leaders of many different Maine communities, listening to demographics that are usually ignored. By doing this, his campaign is, and will be, more representative of the people of Maine. Involving the Somali community, along with the Iraqi and Sudanese communities, brings light to issues facing these groups that are usually overlooked.

Along with this, Ringelstein has approached the younger demographic, specifically high school and college leaders, to spread awareness of his message. By involving young generations of Americans, Ringelstein is helping to promote strong leadership qualities and help students understand the political process, allowing students to transition their leadership skills to real world situations and bring their overlooked perspectives to the table. Overall, Ringelstein is the candidate I would choose for U.S. Senate because he is not controlled by outside interests; he only cares about the good of the people and letting their voices be heard.

Fadumo Adan

Deering High School senior class president