I am writing this to let everyone know that even today, there are wonderful individuals in this world.

On Sept. 17, my parents, who are 81 and 82, went to one of their breakfast spots, Three Sisters in Biddeford. While they were waiting for their table, they chatted with a couple in front of them.

The couple they were chatting with got seated. A minute later, one of the servers came up to my parents and said that this couple wanted my parents to sit with them so my parents would not have to wait. So my parents accepted the offer. All four had breakfast together.

When it was time for my parents to pay the bill, the servers told them that the couple they had chatted with and sat with had paid their bill. Needless to say, my parents were surprised and thankful.

My parents don’t remember their names, but I did want to say “Thank you very much” to this couple, as my parents were honored. They have spoken about this event often. It made their day.

This just goes to prove that there are good people in this world!

Sue Hall