Maybe the best response to the newest presidential attacks might be to let Donald Trump reacquaint himself with the story of Betsy Ross and ask her descendants to design a new American flag … and I have a pattern for consideration:

We must honor our humble beginnings by maintaining the 13 red-and-white stripes. The courage and bloodletting of our first and present patriots must forever be remembered. The blue field of stars must stay intact to recognize our present 50 states, aligned together into maybe the greatest nation on Earth.

But we must, for the first time, find a way to honor the indigenous citizens of America and descendants of enslaved Africans, as well as all of the international immigrants who have sought freedom and security and respect within our shores.

That might be done by changing the sea of 50 white stars to ones of black, brown, red and white, to represent and honor all the heritages who now form our country. The presidential attacks could then end, since Mr. Trump can wrap himself in “his” flag while the new American flag might proudly fly among those among us who want all Americans to feel free, wanted, valued and secure, as the Founding Fathers and Mothers envisioned.

We might kneel under our new flag, too: not in disrespect, but with sincere respect for America, while recognizing that a few are so fracturing our peoples that we must pray for our survival.

Why would one stand in solidarity with a president who supports legislation that hurts our most vulnerable, and who constantly belittles anyone who speaks the truth or demonstrates against injustice?

Jim Storer