Today’s #TakeTheKnee phenomenon amounts to a childish protest suggesting condemnation of “the very idea of America itself” (individualism; individual rights; liberty).

Going down on one knee is an ill-conceived symbolism, conjuring up images of submission (submission to what the protesters allegedly abhor: President Trump and the oppression of blacks).

And it is a blatant disregard for civil manners in a society that otherwise still respects liberty and individual rights. #TakingTheKnee merely removes the object of protest (oppression of blacks) out of the realm of public conversation and instead engages the moral outrage of the majority – a majority of whom still do revere America’s founding principles.

Standing and facing the flag during the national anthem suggest affirmation and respect for the very idea of America itself, and kneeling does just the opposite – even if it is done for other reasons, such as showing support for protesters who don’t like the speed with which we have addressed the racism in our culture.

If the protesters want to bring attention to unresolved racial issues, they would be better served to refrain from disrespecting the very principles whose rediscovery is the only solution there is to the racism that we all want to eliminate.

Ronald W. Housley