As our president wraps himself in the flag and continues his attack on NFL players who take a knee, I think it is also important to consider his own record when it comes to respecting members of our military.

On the campaign trail, before the election, Donald Trump said of Sen. John McCain that “he’s not a war hero” and “I like people who weren’t captured.” Sen. McCain recently said that Mr. Trump has never apologized. He didn’t try to take it back. It is how he feels.

While he is free to exercise his First Amendment rights and say what he wants, his words were cruel.

He disrespected not only Sen. McCain, who was a decorated Navy pilot and spent over five years as a prisoner of war, but also all POWs, including the ones who didn’t make it home. If you are offended by players kneeling for the anthem but not by Mr. Trump’s treatment of an American hero, perhaps it’s not about patriotism.

Doug Mills

South Portland