When senior members of the Portland City Council failed to support a bond to rebuild four elementary schools that had fallen into disrepair, Bree LaCasse felt it was her duty to run for the at-large City Council seat, to ensure that all our children have equal access to quality education and safe schools.

Bree has deep Portland roots. She is a product of Portland’s public schools. She attended Reiche Community School soon after it was built, and now proudly sends her son there.

The City Council needs a new perspective, levelheaded leadership and someone who is above the partisan rhetoric. Bree fits the bill.

Bree has the vision to tackle Portland’s biggest issues. She is solution-oriented and has high emotional intelligence – traits that will ensure action on improving our schools, providing more affordable housing and growing our city responsibly.

I hope you will join me in voting for Bree LaCasse this November.

Will Everitt