I am hearing much these days about freedom of speech and the NFL. I would like to know where all the support for freedom of speech was when the Dallas team wanted to wear a sticker on their helmets to honor five police officers who were murdered on their streets.

Where was the call for freedom of speech in support of the NFL player who wanted to wear a logo on his cleats to honor the memory of those whose lives were taken in the 9/11 terror attack on its 15th anniversary? Where was the call for freedom of speech to support Tim Tebow, who took a quick knee to thank God for a safe game?

Freedom of speech in the workplace is very limited. I understand that public school teachers in Portland aren’t allowed to wish their students a Happy Hanukkah or, God forbid, even more so a Merry Christmas. In 2014, a student in Tennessee was suspended after saying “Bless you” when a classmate sneezed! Schools and businesses have tried to prevent people from wearing jewelry or ties that include the cross. Many jobs require a dress code.

There is a game operations manual for teams and players in the NFL, and one of the policies in that manual requires that the national anthem be played before every game and that players be present on the field and stand with their helmets in their left hands and be silent during the song.

There are much more important issues to be concerned with than a bunch of millionaires disrespecting the national anthem, so I’ll just close by saying that it is also freedom of speech to turn off one’s television or spend one’s money on something other than an NFL game. Should one look for a place to spend those dollars, the Independence Fund for wounded veterans is a great cause.

Doris Meehan