Lying is the only core value of Donald Trump and his administration of grifters and sycophants. I will focus only on the current events of the “tax cut” and Puerto Rico aid.

Trump and his minions claim that Trump and the rich will not gain, and that this is a cut for middle-class Americans. The truth is the mirror opposite. By eliminating the personal exemption and raising the lowest rate from 10 to 12 percent, my taxes and those of millions of other middle-class Americans will increase!

Eliminating the alternative minimum tax, lowering the highest rate from 39.6 percent to 35 percent and ending the estate tax will save Trump at least $1 billion!

On Puerto Rico, Trump has sent about one-third of the 2,650 Federal Emergency Management Agency people sent to Florida. He keeps talking about how many billions Puerto Ricans already owe his Wall Street buddies, but instead of helping desperate and literally dying fellow U.S. citizens, he trashes the female San Juan mayor and lies about what a great job he is doing.

A liar and a hater of strong women, strong black athletes and anyone who is not a white male Christian: That’s Trump is a nutshell.

John Riley


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