The public is concerned about our water. That’s why more than a million Americans have written to the Environmental Protection Agency since 2014 in support of robust protections for drinking water and vital parts of our natural infrastructure like streams and wetlands.

Yet EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is more concerned about catering to the needs of regulated industries and polluters than carrying out the EPA’s mission to protect human health and the environment.

He is rushing his reckless proposal to cancel the Clean Water Rule and limiting public comment while focusing his outreach almost exclusively to industries that have opposed the Clean Water Rule from the beginning. Despite this, nearly 3,000 Mainers have written to the EPA throughout the past 60 days opposing the dangerous plan to repeal protections for streams, wetlands and drinking water.

In Maine, we rely on our clean water for our many lakes, streams, rivers and coastlines. Thank you to Mainers for taking action to oppose the Clean Water Rule repeal.

Natalie Wellington