“Too much money in politics” is something most voters can agree on. Joey Brunelle is the only Portland City Council at-large candidate who has pledged to run a campaign that challenges the financial status quo of elections, and I am extremely proud to be part of this effort.

It is an unprecedented and lofty goal. He has refused contributions from out-of-state companies, political action committees and real estate developers. One hundred percent of his donations have come from individual Maine voters, just like you and me. One hundred percent!

Watching him return contributions from supportive friends who don’t live in Maine has been surprising, yet beyond admirable. He has built a truly grass-roots, local campaign by demonstrating to the people, not special interests, how he intends to work for them.

I continue to admire Joey’s commitment to his future constituents and look forward to seeing him serve the people of Portland.

Stephanie Walsh

Treasurer, Campaign to Elect Joey Brunelle