Once again, we are being wooed by the casino fishmongers. The television ads are like a blast from the past. We heard the same rhetoric from Hollywood Slots and Oxford Casino as they lobbied for their enterprises. The promise of revenue for schools, property tax relief and (of course) jobs for all! Now, the state of Maine has two casinos.

Oh, they forgot to tell us that all this money, which supposedly would go toward the aforementioned uses, really goes into the state’s General Fund. The General Fund is the black hole that money goes into and is never seen again.

Before you vote on this proposal, ask yourself three questions:

Are our schools being funded at the 55 percent required by law many years ago?

Are the property taxes in Bangor or Oxford any lower now than they were before the casinos were in business?

Are Maine and its people better off now than we were before the casinos opened?

Then, vote accordingly!

Steven C. Pomelow


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