It is absolutely disgusting that acts of committed hatred are commonly happening nowadays.

It appalls me as to how people can be so cruel. How someone can take the life of another for no reason. 

Even if there was a reason, what good does it do? 

A life is lost. A family is affected by their lost loved one. A community suffers. 

More importantly, the world suffers because another person is gone.

Gone before they even have the chance to live the rest of their lives.

The world is left to grieve over that person and the idea of hate.

By now, I certainly hope that my readers have heard of the mass shooting that has taken place in Las Vegas, Nevada last Sunday night.

A question for the shooter; why did you do it? 

What brought you to take an innocent life, and bring terror to the citizens of our country?

Isn’t there enough disturbing acts happening as it is? 

Did you really have to continue to stir up the pot?

One issue that disgusts me with these acts of hatred, is the investigation process behind the lives of the person. 

Take the Sandy Hook school shooting for instance. 

The shooter supposedly had a mental disorder. 

That is besides the point. If you have a mental illness, that doesn’t make you any less capable of understanding that you shouldn’t take a life than a person who doesn’t have a mental disorder.
I have become aware that we always try  to put a label on the person that commits the crime. The commonly used labels are “terrorist” or “mentally unstable.” 

Why do we do this?

Does this give a sense of closure to those who have been affected among acts of hatred?

Perhaps, it gives us a reason to blame someone for what they did?

Whatever is it, putting on that label doesn’t solve the issue. 

Lives are still lost and these acts are becoming more and more common as the years unfold. 

I may sound hypocritical for this statement, but another issue I have is that it seems as if nothing is being done about the hate.

What else can we do?

Though, violence is typically used in return, it certainly isn’t the answer.

Again, what else can we do? 

There is fear. Fear of the attempt of being hurt for speaking out. Fear that others won’t support your voice. Fear that it will stir up the pot more.

I’m tired of this. I’m tired of hate defining our society. I’m tired of lives being lost. This hateful world.

Nothing being changed.

Guns. Weapons. Blame. Death.

I’m hurt. Our children our hurt. This world is breaking.

We keep attempting to put bandaids over the wounds of this world, only for them to be reopened and bleeding again. 

It hurts.

A message to those who commit these acts of hatred: Think about if someone hurt a loved one or someone who is close to you. How would you feel? 

The answer is that you would most likely feel awful. 

Now, take those emotions and put it towards an instance where someone hurt your loved one.

You wouldn’t like it and you would want revenge. 

However, revenge isn’t the answer and neither are acts of hatred in general.

To sum it up short and sweet, if you are unhappy or something is wrong in your life, don’t take it out on other innocent lives.

It does nothing but inflict pain, and you shall reap what you sow.

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