Portland is lucky to have the ideas and energy of Bree LaCasse and Joey Brunelle. But when it comes to governing, Jill Duson is the best choice.

Consider the renovation of our elementary schools. Bree and Joey both endorsed the four schools proposal, with the $64 million cost falling solely on Portland taxpayers. Jill helped craft the 2 + 2 approach, locally funding two renovation projects immediately, while keeping the other two on the list for potential state funding. If no state money, a second bond would pay.

The first proposal asks local taxpayers to pay for everything; the other seeks to have the state share the burden. That’s Jill’s approach.

In these polarized times, we need a candidate who can find a middle way, balancing new ideas with existing realities to serve all the people of Portland.

Jill Duson is that candidate and the best choice for councilor at large.

Betsey Remage-Healey

Peaks Island