I’m the proud parent of two kids who go to Portland schools, and I’m thrilled to be voting for Marpheen Chann for Portland City Council District 5. He will be the kind and caring councilor who will look out for me and my family.

We met Marpheen at the Riverton back-to-school barbecue and talked about why he was running for City Council. From our conversation, I can tell he is deeply committed to our city and wants to fight for families like mine by fighting for affordable housing, good-quality schools and education, and a fair economy.

Marpheen will do so thoughtfully and in a collaborative way, something we need more of to push back against how divisive city politics has become.

Marpheen will fight for us while working to be a bridge builder to help heal the division in city government. Vote for Marpheen Chann on Nov. 7.

Gayl Anglin