The Oct. 3 article “Medicaid expansion – on Maine’s November ballot – divides business groups” highlights arguments for and against expansion. Small businesses need more federal money for health care, not less. But Gov. LePage has vetoed Medicaid expansion five times and Congress is trying to dramatically cut Maine’s health care money.

As leader of the Maine Small Business Coalition, I work with small-business owners every day who say that their business depends on both the physical and financial health of their employees and communities. Expanding Medicaid would create 3,000 jobs, spurring local demand for products and services, and ensuring more employees have secure health care.

But in order to give very wealthy people the huge tax breaks outlined in the congressional Republican tax plan, Republicans are trying to pass budgets that slash trillions from Medicaid alone. That would hurt Maine’s small businesses, and that’s why I’ll vote “yes” on statewide Question 2 in November.

Will Ikard

director, Maine Small Business Coalition


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