Republican state Rep. Karen Vachon, in her column weighing in against Medicaid expansion (Oct. 5), is correct that a low-income 30-year-old may currently get very affordable health insurance.

What she fails to mention is that these rates skyrocket for those between 50 and 65 who are low-income and don’t qualify for traditional Medicaid. Current rates are simply out of reach for them. These people go without health insurance and hope for the best. This is the reason that 32 states – including a number of Republican states – have chosen Medicaid expansion.

Over 150 small businesses, as part of the Maine Small Business Coalition, are officially backing Medicaid expansion. They recognize that a healthy workforce depends on the affordability of health insurance for all.

As a licensed health insurance agent, Rep. Vachon is cherry-picking rates. For those of us in our 50s and 60s who look for affordable health insurance in the marketplace, affordable rates simply don’t exist.

Charles Radis, D.O.

Peaks Island