Paragon, a company that provides services to the legal cannabis industry, announced Friday a partnership with MTX Connect, a mobile network operator based in Luxembourg.

The partnership means that MTX Connect will accept Paragon’s cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Paragon, based in Oakland, California, joins MTX Connect’s rewards program partnerships, along with the likes of several airline miles programs.

Paragon supports the marijuana industry and supply chain by providing secure and transparent record-keeping for harvest data, lab results, transportation history, doctor registries, marijuana IDs and prescriptions.

Businesses in the cannabis industry face difficulties and stigma when renting space, using payment processors and accessing many other services that are required to run a business. By bringing MTX Connect into the constellation of service-providers accepting Paragon, cannabis entrepreneurs can stay connected wherever they travel.

“MTX Connect is focused on providing travelers a reliable and reasonably priced service when they are abroad, and believes that accepting ParagonCoin as payment will move us in that direction,” said MTX in a statement.

Jessica VerSteeg, CEO of Paragon, said, the company’s goal is to bring structure and security to a fragmented industry.

“We are setting new standards of transparency in this business, by making all information about the plant available to the end user,” she said in the release. “It validates on the blockchain that the product is what it says it is, and was grown in the way it says it was grown. We also like to take care of our members, by providing them with more ways to use the token inside and outside of our system.”

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