When I think about the importance of good people running for office, I think about people like Bree LaCasse.

Bree is a hard-working, civic-minded Portlander who has demonstrated important leadership skills in both her professional and volunteer work. Many Portlanders have come to know her through her work invigorating Congress Square Park, improving our schools and more.

I’ve come to appreciate that Bree is as good a listener as she is a talker. She is both a visionary and a pragmatist. She cares about having robust public process and participation, and she’s good at making decisions. She’s respectful, inclusive and deeply invested in our community.

I have tremendous respect for all the candidates running for City Council at large. But Bree’s refreshingly positive outlook and impressive credentials make for an easy choice.

Bree LaCasse is the right candidate for right now.

Alison Smith


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