I met Joey Brunelle when I was at a cafe, meeting with an associate about organizing community technology projects in Maine.

Joey, ever the interested bystander, piped up at some point about how interesting our conversation sounded, and asked to know more. Joey hasn’t ever stopped being the helpful bystander, enabler and platform-giver.

I like Joey, and I like his opinions about the direction our city should take, but that’s not why I’m endorsing him for the at-large seat on the Portland City Council.

I’m endorsing Joey as a listener and a process reformer. When our systems, not the people in them, are the main obstacles, only a curious, empathetic process reformer like Joey can lead the way forward. A vote for Joey is a vote of faith in the big “US”: faith that Portlanders, given more transparency and say in the workings of our government, can build a better future for our city.

Nick Kaufmann


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