I’ve lived in this amazing city of Portland for 17 years and have witnessed lots of changes. One that has me feeling such gratitude is the revitalization of Congress Square Park.

I watch the park come alive when salsa dancers congregate for the Primo Cubano concerts. Dancing there in this vibrant community gathering spot, I feel so appreciative of the actions that at-large City Council candidate Bree LaCasse took to save the park from being privatized.

Bree had vision. She led efforts to secure a referendum vote and later served as executive director of Friends of Congress Square Park. Now, with funds that Bree raised, the park hosts free community-building events.

I’ve never met Bree, but she has my vote. I trust that she’ll care for all Portlanders with every action she takes, just as she cared for the park, ensuring that it remains public for all to enjoy.

Suzanne Kahn


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