Portland’s “Say ‘No’ to Question 1” campaign represents yet another example of the richest attempting to increase their already huge profits. Inequality in this country has grown to incredible margins. Similarly, those behind the “Say No” campaign believe they have a right to unlimited profit while the rest of us must endure instability. They have quickly raised over $150,000 from the richest property owners (your increasing rents at work).

Rent stabilization proposed by city Question 1 allows property owners to maintain a sustainable profit, but gives renters the ability to plan for our financial future. Moreover, there is zero evidence that rent stabilization increases property taxes, although “Say No” folks would have you believe otherwise.

Portland, we are smarter than their rhetoric. We are kinder than their mean-spirited campaign. And we are more compassionate than this. Please vote “yes” for the good of your community on city Question 1.

Genevieve Cox