Re: “Drums, whoops and war paint: Team spirit, or racial mockery?” (Oct. 17):

The Wells community comes together and celebrates our schools and its students on a daily basis, not just for football but also for other sports and activities. Not once, in my time going to football games at Wells, have I ever heard or witnessed people using a Native American whooping call, with their hands slapping against their mouths. If it has occurred, it has never been around me or my family at these events.

Furthermore, the suggestion that banging drums or football players chanting with their helmets raised is also mocking Native Americans is obviously coming from someone who have never been involved with football previously. This is a common occurrence across the country, and it is just unbelievable that it is considered mocking of Native Americans. (This, to me, feels like someone reaching to find something offensive, as is done on a daily occasion these days.)

To also suggest that this community would target a visiting player, their families or their fans is extremely disappointing. It truly is heartbreaking, as a parent of this community, to hear as we try to instill in our children the common basic courtesies that are to be extended to our classmates, neighbors, co-workers or visitors alike.

Steve Cogliano