Some Portland landlords believe that the Fair Rent proposal going before voters Nov. 7 (Question 1 on the city ballot) will make it harder to evict problem tenants.

Having been a renter and a landlord myself, I see this issue from both sides: Property owners want good renters, and renters want housing stability for their families.

This referendum provides ample opportunities for just-cause evictions, such as failure to pay rent, illegal behavior or breach of the lease. It allows landlords the right to simply not renew a lease when it expires, and it creates a tenant-landlord board to help mediate disputes with fairness and transparency, which benefits both sides.

Question 1 is an example of what true democracy should be: creating democratic processes to uphold the rights of poor and working-class people so they are not drowned out by the tide of development.

Get the facts about rent stabilization, and vote “yes” to bring more democracy to Portland.

Kathryn Sykes