My name was mentioned Wednesday in a letter that referenced the effort to save Congress Square Park.

I was the president and figurehead of Friends of Congress Square Park at the time of the referendum campaign to protect Portland parks.

The Friends had created a separate and distinct entity, Protect Portland Parks, of which Bree LaCasse (now an at-large City Council candidate) was the campaign leader. She worked tireless volunteer hours on the winning campaign. That referendum was absolutely critical in the fight to stop Congress Square Park from being sold.

In our fledgling year during the campaign, Bree also led the committee for programming events, which was instrumental in rebranding the park as a place where great things can happen.

After the campaign, Bree joined the Friends board and I worked with her and the other board members to create a sustainable organization and to be the stewards of the park as the vital community gathering place and center for the arts that it is today.

Frank Turek