Portland needs councilors who understand Portland’s competitive advantages and what we need to do as a city to launch our economy into the 21st century. As a young professional, with degrees from the University of Southern Maine and Maine Law, Marpheen Chann will help lead Portland as District 5’s next city councilor.

As someone who works in the food industry, I was impressed by Marpheen’s knowledge of Portland’s competitiveness. He spoke of Portland’s proximity to Boston and the biopharmaceutical firms looking for nearby manufacturing capacity; how Portland needs to spur high-tech and IT job growth by investing in broadband and infrastructure and retaining highly educated and skilled workers; and how Portland needs to harness its working waterfront, Maine’s agriculture, aquaculture and the city’s federally recognized status as a food manufacturing city.

As a young professional with vision, ideas and energy, Marpheen Chann is the right choice for District 5’s city councilor.

Nicholas Wiggins