Question 3 on the Portland ballot seeks to fix four elementary schools that have been neglected for decades and guarantee that Portland ends its policy of teaching the city’s children in neglected, unfit elementary schools.

Question 4 on the Portland ballot seeks to fix two elementary schools, leaving behind Longfellow and Reiche, the two schools in the worst condition. Those schools would then continue to wait for state funding (fifth time in 16 years, four rejections so far).

The earliest Portland could find out regarding state funding would be between 2019 and 2024 (just to find out). It’s very unlikely the state will fund Reiche and Longfellow – even two-school proponents would admit that privately.

Please consider voting “yes” on Question 3 and “no” on Question 4 on the city ballot (last page, on the back).

Kicking the can down the road needs to end. Our kids, school staff and communities deserve far better.

John Thibodeau