I’ve been reading about proposals to attract Amazon to Maine and applaud the forward-looking thinking.

It can’t be overstated how important access to high-speed internet is in attracting these types of employers. Continued progress on this front will directly impact our success.

It’s equally important to recognize the role our school systems’ technical programs have in giving employers confidence they’ll be able to fill out their teams. We’re rich in traits that can’t be taught – work ethic and integrity – and our people are a force to be reckoned with when equipped with the right training.

One more thing to consider is making sure workers in Maine can connect with colleagues and business partners in Boston and beyond. Many Bostonians are back and forth, commuting to work in New York City via Amtrak. A trip to Portland is the same distance, with better views.

As a proud resident of Biddeford, I can’t help but highlight that our city has these things and more. I’m optimistic that more and more entrepreneurs and executives will take notice. For Biddeford and all of Maine – I believe the future is bright as we claim our place as a great place for next-generation employers to grow.

Matt Lauzon