I am writing as a Mainer, teacher and artist in support of Question 1, the rent stabilization referendum on the Portland ballot Nov. 7.

My return to Portland has given me the opportunity to teach bright, young minds and to cultivate my art. I am currently fortunate enough to have found a landlord who understands that even middle-income tenants are valuable to their city.

A few years ago, my life here was uprooted when my income-to-rent ratio became unsustainable. That kind of transition is much harder for children and the elderly, whose home stability is critical to their health and well-being.

The Fair Rent initiative will allow hardworking neighbors to grow in their communities and make the city thrive. Ensuring rents rise at a stable pace, and providing reasonable protections for tenants, is necessary to ensure we don’t price out the very people who have made Portland such a vibrant place.

Callie Hastings


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