Your Oct. 22 editorial on statewide Question 1 is misleading, inaccurate and ignores some critical facts.

You cite a legislative review of Maine’s ballot initiative process as an investigation into the “Yes” on Question 1 campaign. It’s not.

You suggest Progress for Maine has avoided talking about casino gaming when, in fact, the campaign is advocating every day the benefits to all Mainers from expanding the gaming industry into York County.

You say only one person will benefit from a “yes” vote by the people of Maine, an absurdity that defies all logic and reason. This project will create some $175 million in new capital investment, thousands of jobs and an estimated $45 million in annual tax revenue, which, by law, would help fund a host of state priorities. It also would create new opportunities from non-gaming ventures with the Aroostook Band of Micmacs, a Maine tribe with a long history that, to date, has been denied any benefits from the state’s gaming industry.

You also ignore the very obvious political and financial ties between the Kentucky-based billionaire owners of Oxford Casino, and the reckless character assassination tactics of the Question 1 opposition.

Finally, you cite the fierce gaming industry competition now scaling up in Massachusetts as reason for Maine to simply give up, as opposed to growing the very industry it established years ago and answering this new competition accordingly.

Your readers deserve better than these selective omissions.

A “yes” vote on Question 1 will benefit the entire state of Maine.

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