Re: “Portland Democrats plagued by infighting weeks before election” (Oct. 23):

Randy Billings’ recent piece about conflict within the Portland Democratic City Committee is an example of lazy reporting. The story details events that took place two weeks earlier, at a public meeting that the Portland Press Herald would have been free to attend, and featured an old photo of committee chair Emily Figdor with her husband, who is not part of committee leadership.

Had Billings wished to put some energy into it, he might have found many people, including me, willing to talk about the energy and activity Ms. Figdor has inspired in a formerly moribund committee. Had the Press Herald wished to obtain a recent photo of Ms. Figdor, they might easily have found her at one of the many events she has helped organize in support of the four-school bond.

I note that the Press Herald has not seen fit to grant front-page coverage to the many positive activities of the committee during Ms. Figdor’s tenure, including a local platform, forums on racism and housing, an issues committee, a voter guide and a strong move toward transparency and inclusion.

If anyone is unhappy with the direction of the Portland Democratic City Committee, the door is wide open for them to join, participate, organize and do the work. That’s what Ms. Figdor has done, and it needed doing.

Patricia Washburn