Voters should reject columnist Jim Fossel’s fear-mongering attack Oct. 15 on statewide Question 2 (Medicaid aka MaineCare expansion). A recent budget analysis published in the journal Health Affairs reports no significant increases in state spending in the 31 states that have already expanded Medicaid. Expansion will help thousands of uninsured Mainers have access to health care.

The medical community understands that getting uninsured people covered (paid 90 percent by the federal government) is in Maine’s best interest. They support a “yes” vote.

A “yes” vote will help keep our medical providers in business. There is no “free” health care – if hospitals and other providers give care to uninsured folks, their businesses will fail, or their rates for all must rise to cover the needy. And access to preventive health care reduces hospital costs.

Tapping federal funds for this is wise, compassionate and long overdue. Please vote “yes” on statewide Question 2 on Nov. 7.

Lucinda E. White