With statewide Question 1, another casino vote is approaching. Why would we vote to bestow those rights exclusively on a single person?

The paper reports Shawn Scott netted over $50 million from his flipping the Bangor casino license to Pennsylvania conglomerate Penn National.

Historically, Maine entrepreneurs who’ve made large sums on their local investments give something back. Sam Cohen’s legacy is millions to Maine groups a year. The Alfond Foundation, ditto. Quimby Foundation, also millions a year. Has Scott reinvested anything in the communities that generated his wealth?

With a license valued near $200 million, why should Mainers gift so much to a Mariana Islands-based opportunist who views Maine as an ATM dispensing $1 million bills versus $20s?

If Maine wants gambling, have a fair auction or grant the license to a municipality. Then if development rights are monetized, communities will get the windfall, not shadowy, unethical outsiders who give nothing back.

Mike DelTergo