As we gear up for Election Day, it’s important to separate the candidates’ stated intentions (which are strikingly similar) from their abilities to deliver on their promises. In District 4, there’s an undeniable gap between Councilor Justin Costa and his competitor (Kim Rich).

Costa has a deep understanding of the issues and has established relationships with other elected officials, both vital to actually getting things done. While Costa’s challenger expresses a sincere desire to work collaboratively with others, Costa’s numerous endorsements prove he’s already doing that.

Similarly, many of the initiatives his competitor enthusiastically endorses are proposals that Costa’s been instrumental in leading, such as the four-school bond, which Costa began developing while serving on the school board.

Although both candidates’ hearts are in the right place, I urge District 4 voters to consider the serious issues on the line – which affect every person living in Portland – and re-elect Justin Costa to the City Council.

Zoë Lewin


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