I’m proud to support the re-election of at-large City Councilor Jill Duson.

Good government requires good process and good information. Jill insists on both. Ensuring that the meekest voice shares space with the loudest, and vetting ideas based on impact rather than novelty, are hallmarks of Jill’s leadership.

Her chairmanship of the city’s Housing Committee and shepherding of the recently released Annual Housing Report are good examples. The process Jill led was rigorously open and rigorously data-driven.

People may be frustrated by the headline-grabbing conclusion that “there is no silver bullet to solve Portland’s housing issues,” but it would be tragic if that sound bite obscured the reality. The basket of remedies and initiatives the report proposes is rich, robust, inclusive of a variety of voices and actually likely to work.

That’s Jill’s style in a nutshell. And I, for one, will take collaborative, fact-based and results-focused leadership any day of the week.

Craig Lapine

executive director, Cultivating Community


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