A few weeks back, I read an article bemoaning the lopsided scores in many high school football games (“Scoreboard-watching can be painful at high school football games,” Oct. 15).

Last Friday, I attended the playoff game between Deering and Bonny Eagle high schools. With one minute left in the first half, Bonny Eagle led 27-6 against a clearly overmatched Deering team. Instead of taking this lead into halftime, the Bonny Eagle coach called three timeouts so his team could score another touchdown before the half.

I was an all-state linebacker when I played high school football in New Jersey in the 1970s. I did not play for a coach who, in any sense, could be described as a progressive, and in my sophomore year my team was winless. But I never witnessed a more unsportsmanlike display.

Whatever other issues are at play regarding the uncompetitive nature of many high school games, what happened at the end of the half in the Deering game is at the heart of the lopsided scores.

Frank D’Alessandro


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