My husband and I have made our annual pilgrimage to Acadia National Park since 1993. We started going there when I saw a map of Acadia National Park on my then-neighbor’s kitchen wall in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

I find myself tearing up every time I hear the story about how the park originated. Many wealthy and famous “summer people” donated their lands for the first national park in the East so it could be enjoyed by all. We were extremely upset to read about the proposal to increase the fee to get into the park.

With the proposed increase, the cost of a week’s pass goes from $25 to $70. Many Acadia visitors go to the park for a day or two. They drive on the Park Loop Road, have popovers and strawberry at the Jordan Pond House and then go on to their next destination.

I find the possible increase in the fee at this park to be exorbitant. Is this a way to keep the number of visitors down to a more manageable level? Please realize that the surge in numbers of people visiting this paradise is something to be celebrated.

People should not be financially penalized because the U.S. government will no longer provide the funding to properly maintain this beautiful park. The spirit of John D. Rockefeller Jr. and friends would be most disappointed in this decision if it is approved.

Jan Jukkola