Despite a complete power outage in Georgetown, a handful of voters gathered at the town hall Wednesday evening to fix a minor technicality that was preventing the town from getting the loan needed for a new fire truck.

“We had a warrant article at our annual town meeting to buy a new fire truck, and apparently the language was not specific enough for the borrowing to happen,” said Georgetown Selectman Geoff Birdsall. “So it’s just a quick procedural meeting to reaffirm the unanimous vote that went through at the meeting in June.”

“It was a technicality that had to be taken care of for the bank to issue the loan,” confirmed Ron Hayward, treasurer of the Georgetown Volunteer Department. “It’s basically to approve the funds for a fire truck.”

At the annual town meeting in June, voters approved a $40,000 loan in the warrant for the purchase of a new pumper truck. The town is now prepared to get the truck, but there’s a minor technicality with the wording of the warrant that is preventing the bank from issuing the necessary loan. Wednesday’s special town meeting fixed that.

“It’s to be delivered next week,” said Birdsall.

The question passed unanimously, said Birdsall.

One upside to having to hold a special town meeting? Georgetown residents, who have been without power for three days now, could warm up at the town office as they briefly deliberated.

“What’s nice is we do have heat at the town office, so anyone who’s chilly tonight can get warmed up in the process,” said Birdsall.

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