The city we love is lurching toward a bright future that brings a push-and-pull innate to a dynamic place. We want to keep what makes us special while still reaping the benefits of a more diverse, prosperous and ever-more-livable city.

Our politics often gets in the way of those aspirations, picking fights that divide us. In these times, we need consensus builders who seek not to foist views of what might work in Brooklyn or Berkeley, but rather understand how Portland can continue to shine.

That work requires steady hands, leaders who listen and who effectively employ our council-mayor-manager system to benefit all Portlanders, including homeowners, renters, business owners, new immigrants, elderly people and students.

In the race for the at-large seat on the Portland City Council, that person is the incumbent, Jill Duson.

As a homeowner, business leader and father of public school students, I believe Jill’s careful reasoning and experience are what Portland needs now.

Michael Bourque


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