In different colored robes, their voices lifted up in song, the choir walked down the aisle of the Episcopal Church of Saint Mary the Virgin Sunday evening. They came from six different churches in Falmouth, Protestant and Roman Catholic, to honor the 500th anniversary of Protestant Reformation.

It was a beautiful moment of unity and love in contrast to the world outside.

The worship service was a reverent complement to the hands-on fellowship only 10 days earlier at the Falmouth Congregational Church, where members of Falmouth churches provided a Thanksgiving Dinner to 600 people with food cooked and served by church folk working together. The money raised will feed the needy at the Falmouth Food Pantry.

Both events showed the benefit and beauty of working together, by acknowledging the injury of years past and by moving forward with peace to focus on those less fortunate.

My thanks to all who organized them.

Bonny Rodden