Saco residents will vote Tuesday on three bond questions that would authorize the city to borrow a combined $11.75 million for infrastructure projects and to build a new public works facility.

Question 1 would allow the city to spend $2 million on improvements to city facilities, roads, drainage and other infrastructure. That work would include replacement of the Ocean Park Road drainage system, police station roof replacement, city hall and parks and recreation department HVAC systems, middle school baseball field, Foss Road recreational site improvements, Camp Ellis area coastal erosion protection, and Lincoln Street utility, sidewalk and roadway reconstruction.

The annual debt service of $130,000 would be covered by reducing the Capital Program by the same amount, meaning there will be no tax impact.

Question 2 on the ballot would authorize the city to borrow up to $7.25 million to build a new public works facility on Industrial Park Road. The city would then sell the existing public works facility on North Street and put the proceeds toward the new building.

The city will be retiring about $484,000 of debt from existing bonds over the next two fiscal years. This would cover the $465,000 in annual payments from the public works facility, resulting in no impact on the tax rate.

Question 3 allows the city to borrow $2.5 million for Route 1 sewer extensions, sidewalks and pedestrian and traffic signal improvements. The city would not borrow the money until private development offsets costs so the annual payment of $160,000 would not impact taxes.