You published a letter Nov. 1 from a man (Frank D’Alessandro) complaining about Bonny Eagle High School supposedly running up the score versus Deering during a playoff game the week before, because they called timeouts in order to score before halftime while leading 27-6. I wanted to submit a response, as I feel this complaint is absolutely ridiculous. (You should not have run the letter, either.)

I was also at the game. This was not poor sportsmanship. I am so tired of people complaining about running up scores, and I find it very insulting, as a fan of Bonny Eagle, the parent of a Bonny Eagle player and a fan of high school football, that Bonny Eagle is being accused of poor sportsmanship.

This team was trying to win a playoff game in the toughest division in Maine high school football. It was still in the first half! Anyone who knows anything about football knows that you don’t take your foot off the gas in the first half.

Did you watch the Super Bowl this year? If you don’t want to lose by more than 35 points, get better! Don’t blame the other team.

I have seen every Bonny Eagle game for the past three years. They have shown nothing but class, as have most of the Class A opponents they have faced.

It is irresponsible, incorrect and, quite frankly, embarrassing to accuse Bonny Eagle, its players and its coaching staff (the best in the state of Maine) of poor sportsmanship. Scot Pride!

Cliff Sperrey