A Brunswick hotel was evacuated Monday night after smoke escaped a room and filled the second story hallway.

Brunswick Fire Department was called to Days Inn at 224 Bath Road at 8:22 p.m.

Chief Ken Brillant said the smoke was caused by plastic on pots and pans burning in an oven, filling the efficiency room with black smoke.

An open door to the unit allowed the heavy smoke to flow into the hallway.

Second floor occupants were evacuated, and the small fire inside the oven was extinguished. Firefighters arrived on the scene, confirmed the fire was out, pulled the stove unit away from the wall and unplugged it.

To clear the smoke, the building’s windows were opened and large fans were used to speed the ventilation process.

Brillant said one person had an asthma attack after breathing in some smoke, and was evaluated. Another was evaluated after having smoke staining around their nose. No one was hospitalized.

Brillant noted the hotel was probably at capacity due to many out-of-state electrical workers staying there. He added there was nothing suspicious about the fire.

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