Can I just ask that people please turn on their lights when they’re driving at dusk and dawn, or in the rain, or, really, any time?

I know, I know, you can see fine so you don’t need the lights; or you think that you are saving on wear and tear (?), or you are too absent-minded to remember to turn off your lights. That’s all super-duper, but no one else cares, because the issue is that we can’t see you! Try thinking of someone else for a change.

If you want to drive off the road and die in a big ball of flame to make some stubborn point, then bully for you. But don’t take us with you. And good luck trying to explain to a court why you didn’t have your lights on.

Is it really worth being sued for the rest of your life just to boost your ego? No, it isn’t. Just turn them on.

Anthony Winslow