I’m writing in response to Kathleen Parker’s Nov. 7 column blaming Bill Clinton for the current frenzy over sexual harassment.

Really, all this on one man’s mistake? What about John F. Kennedy? Yes, I know Parker said that Clinton wasn’t the first president to be unfaithful to his wife, but come on. So what if Hillary stood by him? Who is Parker to judge another? Many a spouse has done the same.

Sexual harassment is not new. It has been around since time began. No one can blame it on any one person. What is new is that people are speaking up and out.

Those with power and money have always been able to hold it over those without. The few who have attempted to fight those who have beleaguered them in the past have usually given up because of lack of funds and fear. Those with a great deal of power and money get people to lie for them in court and intimidate the plaintiff, and definitely have the funds to wait out those who take him or her to court. I know, as I have been there. I had written proof and still lost.

Our current president is one of the biggest examples of harassment (and most likely more) of all time. I am waiting for his number to be called.

It is encouraging to see women and men speaking up. The ones doing so are predominantly in the movie and entertainment industry or other high-profile, high-income trades. I only hope that people in every walk of life will be influenced to step forward, too.

Linda Major