After reading Eric Russell’s compelling front-page article Nov. 7 about “Brothers,” a documentary that local filmmaker Reggie Groff is making with Mike Norton about Mike, who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and his relationship with his brother, J.T., who recently died by suicide after suffering for years with bouts of severe schizophrenia and depression, I’m very eager to see the finished product, and urge everyone to go to the crowd-funding website IndieGoGo to help make it happen.

I would like to comment, though, on Mr. Russell’s reference to Reggie Groff’s having recently made a film about “the eccentric Portland artist Zoo Cain.”

Anyone who knows Zoo, or has seen Groff’s film “Peace, Love, and Zoo,” would readily agree that there is indeed a delightfully eccentric side to Zoo, but they would know as well that he is also a very serious and practical person who has helped countless people over the years in many meaningful and life-altering ways.

Many thanks to Reggie Groff for the profound work he is doing, and to Eric Russell for helping to bring it to light.

Cliff Gallant