TOPSHAM — John and June Larson, owners of Topsham Fair Mall, recently announced the opening of two new stores, Highbrow and Maine Made & More.

The mall owners said, “In keeping with our history of providing a retail home for local businesses, unlike most major shopping centers owned by companies from away, we are especially pleased to note that both of these stores are Maineowned and Maine-based.”

Topsham Fair Mall is Highbrow’s second location. Charles Doherty, one of the three partners that include Jay Rossi and Noah Rosen, approached John Larson months ago about one of the mall’s vacant storefronts.

“Visiting Highbrow’s Waldoboro facility eliminated any concerns I had about the quality and appearance of the operation,” Larson said.

“The front portion of our facility,” said Doherty, “is a boutique offering a variety of glass dry and water pipes, including handmade sculptural pieces by notable Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire artists, as well as a variety of other informational and medically related products. The rear portion contains the medical cannabis caregiver operation that can only serve five medical cannabis card holders at any one time.”

Topsham is Maine Made & More’s third store, with Waterville being the original location and a second, seasonal store located in Belgrade.

Paige Zirtidis, who with her husband Emilios owns Maine Made & More, said, “Topsham Fair Mall has been on our radar for many years, but we needed to wait until we were in a position to open a third store. We are very pleased that the time is now right for us to take on this challenge and we are confident that the location will be successful for us.”

Zirtidis said the Topsham store has been set up with a definite holiday orientation, given the time of year.

“We encourage everyone to stop in and look around for that special Mainethemed gift for friends, business associates or family members, especially those who live out of state and who would enjoy receiving something that will remind them of this wonderful state,” she said.

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